Eco-schools Program

Since 1999 the Directorate is a coordinator of the Eco-schools Program and Learning about Forests Program, of the International Foundation for Environmental Education, for Varna and North-East Region of Bulgaria. The Eco-schools Program came in Bulgaria thank to the Bulgarian Movement “Blue Flag” in 1997. The first success came in 2000 with the first Green flag winners – Yavorov High School and Zvezdichka Kindergarten in Varna. At this moment on Eco-schools Program work actively 9 schools and 12 kindergartens.

The Eco-schools Programme is an international program, initiated and managed by non-governmental organisations, members of Foundation for Environmental Education. The Program started in 1994 in answer to the chaleenge for unification of the young people efforts for solving environmental issues and sustainable development. It provides an integrated system for environmental management of schools based on an ISO 14001/ EMAS approach. As a process of facilitating sustainable development at a local level, pupils are encouraged to take an active role in practical steps to reduce the environmental impact of the schools and the consumption of water and energy. The economies in great deal reduce the costs of the schools and thus the municipality budget. Priority themes to work on are Water, Waste, Energy, Transport, Noise, Nature and Biodiversity and Health and Well-being in School.
The Eco-Schools Methodology encompasses seven steps that any school can adopt. The process involves a wide range of stakeholders, but pupils play the central role.
Successful Eco-Schools are awarded with the Green Flag, an internationally acknowledged symbol for environmental excellence.