Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park Directorate

In 1995 the National Administration of Forests began the establishment of independent divisions for protected areas management. One of the first administrative units is the Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park Directorate, though it was first part of Forest Protection Station – Varna. The Directorate was declared as an independent division of National Administration of Forests with an ordinance on 15 February 1996.

The Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park Directorate works in many directions: conservation and maintenance of biological and landscape diversity, providing conditions for development of tourist and recreation activities, interpretation of natural and anthropogenic resources for the needs of education.
Under the Directorate management are Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park, Pobiti Kamani Protected Area and Kamchiiski Pyasatsi Protected Area (until 2006).
The main directions in the work of Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park Directorate are Biodiversity and Conservation, Arrangement and Park Regulation, Tourism and Recreation, Public Relations and Educational Programmes.
In the “Boidiversity” direction the Park experts’ efforts are concetrated on monitoring of rare and endangered species. New localities of White Snowdrop, Sea Grape (Ephedra distachya), Caucasian Primrose, Violet Limodore and Pyramidal Orchid are found. Few scientific explorations were made – of the flora and fauna of Kamchiiski Pyasatsi Protected Area, of the animals’ distribution in the Zlatni Pyasaci Nature Park. Each year the Park is included in the bird counting made from BSPB.
The success in “Tourism and Recreation” and “Arrangement and Park Regulation” direction is not less. In the Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park are marked four traditional and three specialized tourist trails.
The kid’s educational trail “Jay’s Home” is a hit among schools and kindergartens in Varna. Children get in unconventional way interesting information about the typical animals in the Park following the trail. A guide from the Directorate leads the groups and organizes entertaining eco games in the “Kid’s corner” on the trail.
The opened in 2005 trail “Nature for All” offers excellent environment for recreation. The rest place combined with sport appliances, as well as the signs with Braille text in front of different tree species gives wonderful opportunities for diversification of the stay in the forest. The trail is designed so that it can be passed by people in wheelchairs.
Exceptionally interesting for the nature lovers is the Dendrological trail, designed at the territory of the Aladzha monastery museum complex. In front of the Park’s characteristic tree and shrub species has short information for the species, and guests can also buy a book called “Guide of trees and shrubs in Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park”.
One of the major activities in “Public Relations and Educational Programs” direction is work on the “Friends of the Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park” Program.
In 1999 the Directorate was chosen by the Bulgarian Movement “Blue Flag”, representative of the International Foundation of Environmental Education, as a coordinator of the Eco-schools Program and Learning about Forests Program for Varna and North-East Region.
At this moment on Eco-schools Program work actively 21 schools and kindergartens.
The Park’s Directorate offers possibilities for implementation of one week classes with students interested in biology and ecology. Classes include exploration tasks, walks, essay writing and acquiring of forest survival skills.
Convenience for the tourists is the opened in the Park’s territory Visitor and Information Centre, offering possibilities for giving talks, video films projections and multimedia presentations. The rest place designed in the yard of the Centre offers barbeque use and in combination with the new round trail in the area allows organization of half-day and one day excursions for kids and adults. In the closest vicinity are constructed two attractions – Rope Park “Monkey place” and Biking trail. It is offered guidance for the tourist trails in the park, as well as for the Pobiti kamani Protected Area.

Administrative structure of the Directorate of Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park:
Director of Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park Directorate

  • Expert on Biodiversity, conservational and scientific activities
  • Expert on PR and educational programs
  • Expert on tourist and recreational activity
  • Expert on arrangement and park regulation
  • Specialist of administrative-accountings attendance.

The office of the Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park Directorate is in builing of the Visitor information Center.
The Visitor Information center is situated on the main road Varna – Golden Sands [Zlatni pyassatsi] – Albena next to hotel Zora. It can be reached from Varna by Bus № 109 and Bus № 209 (line 209 – from June till September). The Center has 8 places Parking lot.

For Contacts:
Nature Park Zlatni Pyassatsi Directorate
Bulgaria, Varna 9007, P.Box 20
+359 52 355 591;
+359 52 355 561 /Director/
Fax +359 52 355 541
E-mail: dnpzlatni@iag.bg, dppzlatni@abv.bg

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