Fountains and rest places

In Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park there are 13 made of stone fountains, most of them fed by natural springs. The water from the fountains is drinkable. Near the fountains are situated rest places and fireplaces.

Kovshak Fountain
Situated in one of the most popular and most visited places in the Park, named after the fountain. It is located between two of the biggest Park meadows. The fountain has a shape of an old tree stump.

Aladzha Monastery Fountain
Situated near Aladzha Monastery, on the road Vinitsa-Zlatni pyasatsi. The fountain has big capacity. There is parking lot nearby.
The fountain is a starting point for the the blue, yellow and the green marked tourist trails.

Jubilee Fountain
Rehabilitated by Rodni Balkani Association and named after its 80th jubilee. During the summer season the water reduces its capacity. There is a rest place with banches and tables near the fountain.

1300 Years Bulgaria Fountain
Situated below the Aladzha Hut, on the blue and red marked tourist trails. Near the fountain there is a rest place and a wonderful panoramic view to the Park, sea and the resort.

Kaliova Fountain
It is situated in front of the Korabostroitel Hut, on the blue trail. There is an alcove next to it. Usually the water is with low capacity.

Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Fountain
Situated at the crossing point of the yellow, blue and red trails. It was built in the memory of the Sts. Cyril and Methodius and their followers. There is a sign with information about the cyrillic alphabet next to the fountain. Near there is a rest place. In front of the fountain openes a panoramic view to the sea.

Yanakieva Fountain
Situated on the road Varna-Kranevo, across the deviation to “Konen Piknik”. The fountain is dry nowdays.

Yordan Minkov Fountain
Situated on the blue trail, behind the Gorski Rai restaurant. Biult in the momery of the honourable forester Yordan Minkov. The water is usually not drinkable. Near the fountain has small rest place.

Kat na veteranite Fountain
Situated not far from the Aladzha Hut, not far the yellow trail, on a short deviation from it. It is biult and maintained by the veteran tourists. There is a rest place nearby.

Bezhanata Fountain
In the Bejanata place, not far from the red trail, in the north half of the Park. The water appears mainly in spring, and dries out in other seasons. Up a short path are situated alcove and picnic places.

Harman Eri Fountain
Near the place Harman Eri, up the Aladzha Hut, near the edge with the panoramic view to the Park and the sea. Has very low and inconstant capacity.

Rest places and picnic areas are designed usually near the fountains in the Nature Park. There are rest places also on the Nature for All trail and on the kid’s trail Jay’s Home.
One of the places with best panoramic view is called Kat na vliubenite (Lovers corner) has also a shelter and rest place. It can be reached by the red trail (deviates for about 300 m from it) or by the villa-zone Panorama I.

On the marked tourist trails are situated also some benches.

Please, use only the proper places for your garbage. There are garbage bins at the parking near Aladzha Monastery Fountain, at the Korabostroitel Hut, at the Gorski Kat restaurant, in villa zones and in the Golden Sands Resort