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GEUM Association

GEUM Association is a non-profit NGO working for public benefit. It was established by environmental professionals in 2007. The Association has now 25 members. The Association’s work is supported by over 200 volunteers mainly from Varna Region, registered in “Friends of Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park” book.

Focus on (a limited excerpt):
– Unification of different social groups in activities for environmental and nature protection
– support research, popularization and management of protected areas
– fostering sustainable development of protected areas
– Environmental education
– Development and use of ecologically sound technologies, practices, production and products
– Support of ecological and tourism infrastructure development
– stimulating professional competence and work capacity development
– Exchange of experience with similar organizations

– conducts research, consultation, analysis and publications about protected areas and the environment
– develops and finances environmental projects
– collects, maintains and updates information about the natural and man-made resources as well as for their sustainable use
– organizes training courses and seminars upon environmental issues.
– organizes activities with youths
– supports the professional capacity of its members and co-workers with fostering their participation in training and vocational programs, seminars, scientific research and projects.

Experience of the founder members – Projects:
– Nature for the Brave, financed by Directorate of Youth Activities and Sport at Varna Municipality
– Nature is in Our Hands – Foundation for Development of the Local Management
– Nature around Us
– We in Nature
– Nature for Everyone

Own projects:
– Bejanata Camp – a training course for young environmental leaders
– Youth’s Forest – practices and European experience in protecting Zlatni Pysasatsi Nature Park, carried out within Youth Activities Program 2008-2010, financed by State Agency for Youth and Sports.

The Association has supported the following Campaigns and Events:
– Clean Forests
– Meeting-Demonstration in support of Stranja Nature Park
– Celebration of “The Week of the Forest”
– Ecological Education Week
– Week of the Sea
– Let’s Clean Zlatni Pyasatsi NP – 80 young volunteers from Varna
– etc.

The Association is a Member of :
– Youth Forum for Partnership with the Local Authority
– Centre for Ecological Education of Youths, a department of Directorate of Youth Activities and Sport at Varna Municipality
– Northern Black Sea Coast Protected Areas Foundation

– College of Tourism – Varna
– Forestry University – Sofia
– University of Economics – Varna