Climate and Waters


The Zlatni Pyassatsi Nature Park falls within Continental-Mediterranean climate zone, in the Black Sea region subzone.
The spring in the park is cool and windy. The summer is hot and sunny, the average summer temperature is 21-22°С and temperatures rises up to 33-36°С. The autumn is warm (temperatures are 4-5°С higher than in the spring) and extended. The winter is comparatively mild (average January temperature is 1°С) and wet, with insignificant snowfalls. The favourable climatic influence of the Black Sea in the area is expressed in the positive and comparatively high winter temperatures, the relatively small average annual temperature amplitudes and lower maximum temperatures compared to the country average. The average annual temperature is +11.6°C. The coldest month is February, and the warmest is July. The air humidity is high – the average is 76%, and it varies over a small range (from 73 to 81%) through the year.
The region is too deficient in rain – the average annual rainfall sum for the region is 498 mm. The maximum amount of rainfall is in the beginning of the summer and in the end of the autumn.
The winds blow mostly from west-northwest and northeast direction.


The surface water in the Zlatni Pyassatsi Nature Park runs in few gullies that are usually dry in the summer. There is only one gully (in the western part of the Park) with constantly running water and there are three natural marshes, situated mainly in the southern half of the ark’s territory.
The groundwater in the territory of the nature park is mainly shallow situated.
In the southern part of the Nature Park are situated the three natural marshes, that are supplied by the groundwater and do not dry out even in the hottest summer.
In the Zlatni pyassatsi Nature Park there are build 13 fountains with drinkable spring water.